2023 Special Winter Holiday Intensive Course

May23, 2023
by Pre-Uni New College

2023 Winter School Holiday Intensive Course (3 – 14 July)

Pre-Uni New College is excited to offer a special winter school holiday intensive course for students of all primary grades (K-6). The courses are designed to help students enhance their academic skills, prepare for upcoming tests, and build a strong foundation in core subjects.

Year 6 courses are designed to help students make a successful transition to Year 7. The course will cover the essential topics in maths, reading, writing, debating and speech skills.

Year 5 courses will continue with the Year 6 syllabus and include a new unit on thinking skills and reading strategies. This unit will help students prepare for their selective high school placement test next year.

Year 4 courses are the last holiday program before the OC Placement Test. Both our Intensive Winter Holiday Course and our Intensive OC Trial Test Course are highly recommended for students who want to succeed on this important test.

Yrs K-3 courses will revise and reinforce the foundations of learning. This will help students begin the new term equipped with the ability and self-confidence to get ahead of their peers.

Please check out the course newsletter below to learn more about our winter holiday courses.