Important changes to the Discounts & Branch Transfer Policy

April28, 2023
by Pre-Uni New College

Dear Parents and Students, 

We would like to inform you of important changes to our scholarship, family (sibling) discounts and branch transfer policies. These changes will take effect on 29th April, 2023. 

Scholarship & Family (Sibling) Discounts Due Dates

Scholarships and family discounts will now only be available to parents who make full-term payments by the Early Bird Payment Discount due date. The Early Bird Payment Discount due date is typically 14 days prior to the first Saturday of the new term. 

Discontinuation of Branch Transfer Policy

Once the new term begins, students will no longer be able to transfer to a different branch until the end of the term. 

To learn more about the updated policy, please review the Enrolment Agreement on our website. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter. 

Best regards,

Pre-Uni New College