OC Placement Score STTC Scholarship Application

OC Placement Score STTC Scholarship

(effective from 5-Mar-2022 to 27-Jan-2023)

*This scholarship discount information is for STTC courses only

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    Conditions of the 2022 OC Placement Score STTC Scholarship Offer:

    This new scholarship discount offer entitles Year 5 students to discounts off the Selective Trial Test Course (STTC) fee when they enrol in regular term STTC or holiday STTC from the 2022 Term 2 to the 2023 Term 1 enrolment period. Eligible students must apply via online application website, providing a copy of their 2022 OC outcome advice letter that contains their school choices, placement score (90 or above) along with the raw school assessment scores and scaled test marks. Parents must pay for the full term STTC before the early bird discount due date. This scholarship discount offer cannot be used in conjunction with any existing discount offers including STTC+WEMT combined discount and STTC special package price offer.

    Parents must agree that Pre-Uni New College may publish, promote, distribute their child's information for its educational and promotional purposes.

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