Opportunity Class Trial Test Course

Students will complete one set of OC trial test (PART 1 and PART 2) each week, until the OC Placement Test date

The OCTTC has been shown to be a significant factor in ensuring success in the Opportunity Class Placement Test. This course is unique in that it allows students to practise exam style questions under exam conditions. While the answer sheets are being marked, teachers review the entire test paper with particular focus on difficult questions. Each question is explained thoroughly, step-by-step. Students receive their individual results at the end of the session as a record of their performance.

The OCTTC will help your child to manage his or her time efficiently, minimise errors, overcome examination nervous and perform at his or her optimum level under examination conditions.

What are the benefits to your child?

  • The OCTTC increases accuracy and can help to minimise errors.
  • The OCTTC increases the speed of answering questions.
    Actual tests require students to answer 35 questions in 30 minutes for part 1 and another 35 questions in 30 minutes for part 2.
  • By practising exam questions every week, results and competence steadily improve.
  • Weekly result sheets indicate each student’s strengths and weaknesses, giving immediate feedback to parents about those areas on which their child should focus.
  • Student performance and progress is assessed accurately on a weekly basis.

What is O.C (Opportunity Class) ?

OC (Opportunity Class) provides for talented year 5 and year 6 students to work at an extended level in a class of their peers.

OC students may be accommodated in one of the following class groupings according to the school structure: a Year 5 OC class, a Year 6 OC class, a Year 5/6 composite OC class or a composite class consisting of an OC and a non-OC group.Offers for OC placement will be made on the basis of the OC Placement Test, school assessment and other evidence of academic merit.

(Source: OC Application, For Entry to Year 5 OC Classes in 2001, page 2, NSW Dept of Education & Training) – https://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/schoolfind/types/primarywithoc.php

These classes are not in every public school, but are established in one school in each area. Please refer to question 3 below for a listing of schools. This means that children often have to travel from their local area in order to attend. As there are so few OC classes entry is very competitive.

Who will be eligible to enrol ?

All Year 4 students are eligible to apply, but it must be remembered that OC classes do not suit all students, so parents should consider their childs personality as well as academic performance, before applying. While the competitive atmosphere suits most talented students, some who may be immature or insecure might be better suited to their local school. Students from non-government schools can also apply for OC placement .

How do I apply for O.C placement ?

OC application package is available in May at school every year.

  • Read the instruction and test information carefully.
  • Pull out the application form from the package and complete it by referring to the instruction in the package.
  • Indicate the OC code of the school(s) they are listing on the application form.
  • Summarise your child’s outstanding academic achievements on page 6 of the application form
  • Keep a photocopy of your completed form.
  • Lodge your completed form with the principal of the student’s current primary school.
  • Parents will receive a test centre advice and confirmation letter of your application details in July.
  • Ensure that the student takes the OC Placement Test on the test date specified in the Test information.
  • Outcome advice letter will be sent to all applicants during November.

What is involved in the test ?

The tests are in English, Maths and General Abilities (thinking skills) and are usually held in August. There are 2 test papers both containing a mixture of all 3 subjects. The tests consist of multiple choice questions. Answers are recorded on computer marked answer sheets. The duration of each test is 30 minutes and comprises of 30 questions.These test results combined with primary school assessments in both English and Maths form the basis of determining academic merit.

What happens after the test ?

Results from the tests are not given to parents, but successful students receive a letter of offer of placement. Those who are unsuccessful receive a letter to this effect.

If a child is offered placement the family is invited to look over the OC class and its school before accepting. Some students who miss out on this first offer are placed on a waiting list and might receive an offer at a later date. Students may withdraw from the OC class and return to their local school if they wish. OC students do not automatically gain placement in Selective School. Students must be successful in the Selective School Entry Exams and compete with all other students who apply.

Why does your child need O.C trial test course ?

Our students’ success depends on their attendance at these sessions. Students not only complete the tests, but difficult questions and incorrect answers are corrected and explained to the students by the tutors. The OC Trial Test Course will help your child to manage his or her time efficiently, minimise carelessness and overcome examination nerves. Students are taught how to overcome nerves or panic in an exam situation, and perform to the best of their abilities.

What benefits will your child have ?

  • The OC Trial Test Course increases students’ accuracy.
  • The OC Trial Test Course increases students’ speed. (for example, the GA paper comprises 60 questions in 60 minutes)
  • Through practising exam questions every week, students’ results and ability improve.
  • Weekly result sheets indicate a student’s weak areas, giving immediate feedback to parents about which fields the student should concentrate on.
  • Students’ performance and progress is assessed accurately on a weekly basis

Interstate and oversea students

Interstate or overseas students (Australian citizens or permanent residents temporarily living interstate or overseas) who are unable to sit for the Opportunity Class Placement Test may be considered by the selection committee on other evidence, such as the results of individual psychological testing conducted by a qualified practitioner. If you are in this category you should contact the Unit for further details.

School choices

Parents may apply at up to two of the schools with OC. Parents should consider available transport, travelling time their children will take to reach the school and social implications for their children before deciding the school choices. The zoning rules which determined the schools parents could apply have been abolished from 2009.