New Online Practice Test Course – “Reading 310”

November24, 2021
by Pre-Uni New College

Dear Years 3 to 6 students & parents,

We’re pleased to announce that Cyberschool is now offering a new online self-paced practice test course called ‘Reading 310’.

The course is designed for Years 3 to 6 students to help them enhance their reading comprehension skill for the preparation of selection tests like OC, selective school placement and private school scholarship tests.
Each test contains a comprehensive number of reading questions covering inference skills for reading with short passage, true/false, gapped texts etc. Students can log in to Cyberschool and attempt up to 10 tests during the term.
By completing this course, students will be able to do thorough study of important question types and complete a variety of challenging reading skill questions.
Students (in NSW) currently attend our regular term course can take this course for free until the next term begins.