2016 – 2017 Selective Trial Test Course Information

The 2016 – 2017 Selective High School Trial Test Course (STTC) will commence on Thursday, 9 March 2017

Why does your child need our STTC?

The Selective Trial Test Course (STTC) will help your child to manage his/her time efficiently, minimise carelessness and overcome examination nervous. Students not only complete the tests, but difficult questions and incorrect answers are corrected and explained to the students by teachers/tutors. Students are taught how to perform to the best of their abilities.

What benefits will your child have?

  • Trial Test Course increases students’ accuracy.
  • Trial Test Course increases students’ speed.
    (e.g. General Ability test paper comprises 60 questions in 40 minutes – 40 seconds per question)
  • Through practising exam questions every week, students’ results and abilities improve.
  • Weekly result sheets indicate a student’s weak areas, giving immediate feedback to parents about which fields the student should concentrate on.
  • Students’ performance and progress are assessed accurately on a weekly basis.

The Selective Trial Test Course is practical course that is essential in providing for the Selective High School Placement Test.

More than 4,000 selective exam-style questions are available for students under exam conditions. The most relevant and accurate types of questions are developed by our group of professionals in accordance with recent trends and feedback from teachers and our top achieving students. Annually, more than 30% of the questions are updated to ensure they appropriately support students’ preparation for the exam.

Our Special Strategies of STTC


General ability content and skills is not covered in regular schools. Without constant practice, students are not able to solve 60 questions within a 40 minutes time frame. Through our trial tests, students gain the confidence and skills to achieve excellent results due to their familiarity with a variety of questions. In addition, the G.A test mark is relatively more critical because there is no school assessment score in G.A. when profile scores are calculated.


With WEMG course, STTC programs are designed to cover the whole of the Year 6 curriculum. Therefore our students attain advantage in the exam due to the fact that the actual exam is held in March and covers very difficult questions regardless of the curriculum covered at school.


Within a short period, mastering the subject of English is extremely difficult. The recent trends of the actual selective exam has been introduced longer passages in the Reading Comprehension section and more difficult types of language convention questions in the GA. Our exam papers reflect this trend guaranteeing our students useful and relevant practise exams to develop their skills.


STTC is a program that has been thoroughly designed to enhance knowledge and to improve the general capacity of students throughout the year’s package. We believe young students’ abilities are infinite and the outcomes achieved by our students has proven this.

The Selective Trial Test Course (STTC) will help your child to manage his/her time efficiently, minimise mistakes and help overcome examination nerves. Students not only complete the tests, but difficult questions and incorrect answers are corrected and explained to the students by teachers or tutors. Students are taught how to perform to the best of their ability.

What is a Selective High School?

Selective Schools are high schools whose entry is restricted to students of high ability. In New South Wales the Department of Education and Training operates 31 high schools that cater for high academic achievers. Intending students must sit for Public examinations in English, Writing, Math and General Abilities. Entry examinations are held in March each year for students in Year 6. There is no pre-set cut-off mark, but entry depends on the number of Year 7 places available in each school, and each year the “cut-off” mark may be different. Gaining 80%+ in all subjects would probably ensure entry into a Selective High School.

Fully Selective Schools

  1. Baulkham Hills High School
  2. Caringbah High School
  3. Fort Street High School
  4. Girraween High School
  5. Gosford High School
  6. Hornsby Girls High School
  7. Merewether High School
  8. Normanhurst Boys High School
  9. Northern Beaches Secondary Manly campus
  10. North Sydney Boys High School
  11. North Sydney Girls High School
  12. Penrith High School
  13. Smith Hill High School
  14. St George Girls High School
  15. Sydney Boys High School
  16. Sydney Girls High School
  17. Sydney Technical High School

Agricultural Schools

  1. James Ruse Agricultural High School
  2. Hurlstone Agricultural High School
  3. Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School
  4. Yanco Agricultural High School

Partially Selective Schools

  1. Alexandria Park Community School
  2. Armidale High School
  3. Blacktown Boys High School
  4. Blacktown Girls High School
  5. Bonnyrigg High School
  6. Chatswood High School
  7. Duval High School
  8. Elizabeth Macarthur High School
  9. Gorokan High School
  10. Grafton High School
  11. Karabar High School
  12. Kooringal High School
  13. Macquarie Fields High School
  14. Moorebank High School
  15. Parramatta High School
  16. Peel High School
  17. Prairiewood High School
  18. Rose Bay Secondary College
  19. Ryde Secondary College
  20. Sefton High School
  21. Sydney Secondary College, Balmain Campus
  22. Sydney Secondary College, Leichhardt Campus
  23. Tempe High School

Students who attend our College for Selective School Test Preparation are assisted in 3 ways:

  • Students’ academic skills in English, Math, Writing and General Abilities are developed & reinforced.
  • Examination techniques and time management are taught and “real situation” exams given so that when students face the “real thing” they know exactly what to do. These skills are not taught in most primary schools.
  • Students gain confidence because they know that their skills are sound. They are accustomed to hard work and competition which are integral to the educational philosophy of Pre-Uni New College.

Training for the Selective Hight School Entrance Exam

Training for these placements begins in Year 5. Reading Comprehension in all forms is covered, and vocabulary and spelling exercises are given on a weekly basis. Emphasis is placed on reading books and writing book reviews. Students’ creative and essay writing skills are developed through an optional essay writing course. Mathematics lessons cover all areas and Thinking Skills are increased through weekly General Abilities lessons. In February of Year 6, students begin exam preparation through a Trial Test course. Students come in one extra evening each week and sit for one Maths and one General Abilities exam, and after each exam, a tutor then goes through the exam questions with the students. Students, who do not attain the targeted mark for that week, are asked to come back for a re-test free of charge. Examination techniques are taught, and students become familiar with exam situations. Tests are given under strict exam conditions and students experience the “real thing” well in advance. When the actual exam comes up, students are less worried because they know what to expect.