The 31st ASAT Registration is now open

February2, 2023
by Pre-Uni New College

The 31st ASAT (Sunday, 2nd April 2023)

  • Are you confused with the new selective school placement outcome process?
  • Not sure which selective school choices are right for your child?
  • That’s why a huge number of students are participating in the ASAT every year!

The ASAT competition is conducted by Pre-Uni New College annually, and it is designed for Years 6 students who are preparing for the NSW selective high school placement tests.

The ASAT provides comprehensive benefits to both students and parents, allowing them to determine where their place among several thousands of their peers and get better ideas about their selective school choices in the application. For full details, please visit the ASAT website.

The 31st ASAT – Registration & Test Information