What is WEMG ?

WEMG stands for Writing, English, Maths and General Ability. This course is designed to develop basic knowledge for each subject according to our own Syllabus.


Providing most efficient skills of organising the structure of the writing. Focus on developing critical thinking and reasoning skills.


Encourage constant interaction between the student and teacher when reading and answering the questions. Provide learning which focuses on reading skills and practicing reading comprehension & language convention questions.


Essential tuition to completely understand mathematical theories, principle and formulas to solve mathematical problems. Organised materials with a variety of practical questions. Allocate groups of students with similar levels to provide a more efficient and customised learning.


Well-organised material covers a variety of practical & challenging questions. Mind-stimulating teaching and practical approaches.

Pre-Uni New College Reading & Writing Course

The Recent Trends

Every year, there’s a great increase in importance on the writing component in the Selective High School Placement Test. Feedback from previous students suggests that the Reading and Writing tests are becoming more difficult and complex. In addition to this, more General Ability questions are focused towards language conventions.

English Teaches Opinions

According to English teachers, there seem to be relatively more difficulties for students whose parents come from non-English speaking backgrounds, to achieve a variety of expression and writing skills. In the case of writing tasks, we cannot expect excellent outcomes within a short period of time or with minimal practice. Therefore, we need to consider the step-by-step approach, starting from the basic levels to more advanced levels.

Pre-Uni New College is continuously designing, developing and providing the most effective programs and learning structures to enhance students’ writing skills through the periodic developmental stages. After this course work, students will be able to manage various types of writing tasks with a high level of confidence.

Reading Club ( Year 1 & 2)

Focused Technical Skills

  • Understanding various stories
  • Familiarity with Grammar, Punctuation
  • Vocabulary & Spelling

Text Types Covered

  • Various types of texts (Novels, poetry, explanations and articles)

Strong Emphasis

  • To enhance general understanding of various texts
  • Information gathering
  • To consolidate recommended Vocabulary
  • level

Creative Writing ( Year 4 &5)

Focused Technical Skills

  • Sentence Structure and Syntax

  • Paragraphing

  • Idea Developing

  • Text Structure

  • Language Use, etc.

Text Types Covered

  • Descriptive & Pursuasive

  • Explanatory, etc.

Strong Emphasis

  • To encourage students to use imagination to create original pieces of writing

  • To expand and improve Vocabulary

  • To write for particular purposes and audiences (which is designed to support WEMG course)

Creative Writing ( Year 3)

Focused Technical Skills

  • Grammar & Punctuation
  • Spelling & Creativity

Text Types Covered

  • Narrative (a large part of the course)

  • Descriptive & Recount

  • Information Report

  • Exposition & Poetry, etc.

Strong Emphasis

  • To develop students’ writing skills and a love of writing by journal writing
  • To construct an example of each text type by analysing exem plary examples of texts
  • To write their own example of text type by independent writing (which is designed to support WEMG course)

Essay Writing (Year 6)

Focused Technical Skills

  • Time management skills

  • Developing critical thinking

  • Reasoning skills

  • Other writing techniques.

Text Types Covered

  • Mainly descriptive (other types related to actual Selective School Test)

Strong Emphasis

  • To increase speed and competency to create a complete and well-organised piece of writing.
  • To cover various types of writing and helps students to build up their own models for each type.